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Everybody wants to be beautiful and want their skin to be really fair. This has become a very common need and this is the reason for the umpteen number of creams and soaps available in the market advertising how to attain a fairer skin. I receive many enquiries asking how to become fairer. I have often wondered why it has become such a huge need now a days and why people who are already fair want to be fairer.

There are so many ways in which a fairer complexion can be attained. This includes using medicines and injections containing the vitamin glutathione or doing chemical peels and laser treatments. Unless otherwise it is needed, never go for these treatments inadvertently. Results attained vary from person to person.

There are around 30 different types of chemical peels. The type of chemical peel done for a person varies according to their skin problem, skin condition and their requirement. More than becoming just fair, skin needs to have a uniform color and texture. There are a large group of people who continue using creams which may contain steroids and other harmful ingredients for a long term. This can be really harmful. Initially these creams may help in removing dark marks and may make skin fairer, but on long term use may produce multiple skin problems. So these should be used only under a doctor’s supervision.

Generally people love to use natural remedies and options for improving skin color and tone. But some creams containing natural ingredients such as turmeric and sandal wood can increase the sensitivity of skin to ultraviolet light making it darker. Some other natural ingredients can give rise to allergies and other problems leading to dark marks and itching. So we should be really careful in choosing the creams and other products to be used on the skin.

Chemical peeling is a treatment very widely used now a days. It is a procedure in which skin is cleaned and mild fruit acid like materials are applied to the skin which help in the regeneration of the skin, thus improving its color and tone. Chemical peeling should always be done by a dermatologist orunder a dermatologist’s supervision.

We Indians have a dark complexion which is really very beautiful. To maintain this we need to take good care of our skin and use sunscreens to maintain the skin tone. Even if advised, many people avoid using sunscreens complaining that the sunscreens make their skin more oily and they sweat more on using sunscreens. This is because they are not using a sunscreen suitable for their skin type. If you have an oily skin you have to use as gel type sunscreen. If your skin is dry use a cream one. A person with normal skin can use any type of sunscreen. To get a continued good protection from the harmful effects of sunlight sunscreen needs to be applied multiple times.

Going to a beauty parlor and getting facial done is good as long as a treatment suitable for one’s skin type is done. We need to make sure the products used and the treatments done are really good. People with oily skin need to be extra careful when taking such treatments since too oily creams or too much of cream can actually block their pores leading to the development of pimples. Sometimes facials done before marriage may result in pimples and then they would rush to the doctor asking for an immediate cure. There is no magic by which a doctor can just wipe away these pimples. So these facials have to be taken earlier to see whether they suit the skin or restrict these treatments to the minimal. Ideally a beauty treatment in a parlor should be taken in consultation with a cosmetic dermatologist.

Now a days lot of people go for makeups which stay longer. These are usually oil based and so can block pores giving rise to comedons and pimples.So people with oily skin should take care to use water based makeups.

Now there are so many instances in which the couples meet the doctor after their honeymoon complaining tanning and loss of complexion. If during their honeymoon proper care of the skin is done by applying sunscreens this can be avoided. People choosing beach destinations should use aqua gel sunscreens. The advantage of Aqua Gel sunscreens is that they don’t get removed by water and sweating.

The practice of using home remedies is very common in our country. Some people use curd to remove tanning. But this can give rise to pimples. There are many other home remedies also, which can give rise to allergies and similar problems.
Whatever be your skin problem consult a doctor and take appropriate treatment and never try to self treat. Since this can exacerbate many skin problems. Taking good care of your skin using appropriate products to maintain health of the skin helps you have a clear beautiful glowing skin. And the self confidence that we have about ourselves help us live a beautiful life not worrying about just the color of the skin.