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Dandruff & Hair-fall

The stress of modern life takes a toll on your beautiful mane, causing hair fall as well as dandruff which can further exacerbate hair fall.

Untimely food intakes, junk foods without proper nutrition, habit of dieting, altered sleep patterns all affect our hair. Hair is made of protein and so taking good protienacous food is essential for the health and glow of hair.

If you have any hair problems, ideally you should consult a doctor to evaluate the cause. One of the most common causes of hair fall in young adults now a days is dandruff. Dandruff is not a disease but a natural tendency of the oily skin. So we can never completely cure it, but only control it. Stress, altered sleep patterns, changes in the water especially the pH of the water used for head bath, frequent travel all can exacerbate dandruff, leading to hair fall. The use of swimming pool has increased tremendously now. The highly chlorinated water of swimming pools can cause dryness of hair as well as exacerbate dandruff causing hair fall.So it is a must to shampoo and condition hair every time after use of swimming pool even if you are using a swim cap.

A wide variety of shampoos and other hair care products are available in the market causing confusion regarding what to use and what not to use. When choosing hair wash products always go for a shampoo and a conditioner separately. Never use a product claiming to contain both since both these act exactly opposite to each other nullifying the effects of both. Wash with a shampoo, then apply a conditioner and wash that also after 2-3 minutes. People with a tendency to develop dandruff should avoid using oil on hair because dandruff has an associated fungus which grows well in oily medium exacerbating dandruff. To make the hair better manageable and smoother, serums can be applied either on wet or dry hair.

Early graying is seen more now. This can sometimes be a genetic tendency running in families or can be stress induced or can be due to a vitamin deficiency. Graying is often difficult to treat and most often coloring may have to be done to hide the grey. Coloring is better than dyeing as color tends to stay longer and has lesser chance of producing allergy. It is better to get the colouring done in a good parlor than getting it done at home on ones own , since when done at home there is more chance for colour getting in contact with surrounding skin and other unwanted areas leading to allergies, irritation and related problems.

Hair fall and other associated problems can develop secondary to hormonal problems induced by abnormalities of the thyroid gland by conditions such as poly-cystic ovarian disease. So a thorough evaluation and blood check-up are necessary in the management of hair problems.

Dryness and roughness of hair and rubbing of hair against surfaces can lead to the problem like split ends. If split ends develops, this has to be cut and removed to prevent the split from extending upwards. Further exacerbation or development of the problem can be prevented by tying the hair preventing it from rubbing against surfaces.

In case of hair problems it is ideal to start the care and treatment as soon as possible since delays in treatment can badly affect the response to treatment and the final outcome. This is especially true in the case of balding which is now seen to set in earlier ie even in early twenties where as previously it was seen to develop in forties.

Now to tackle hair problems there are various medicines as well as cosmeceuticals available which need to be taken in or applied over the scalp, as is required.

So a timely management of your hair problems can help you retain your mane’s glory letting it glow with all the shine due on that glittering special day of yours when all eyes will be on you.

Outbreak of pimples nearing the grand day … what to do?

The great day is approaching and a sudden crop of pimples appearing… What is happening? Why is this so? A really bothersome worry. Many a time this happens due to the sudden fluctuations in the hormone status happening due to the excitement and stress and worry about the wedding day as well as the married life. It is good to practice breathing exercises to relax and calm you in the preparation for marriage. Marriage is nothing to be stressed about. It’s a really happy occasion and a turning point in one’s life. There can be complexities and problems associated. But be happy and confident and that you can manage everything and definitely you can. Having a positive mind and positive attitude assist you a long way in getting things worked out well because when you intensely desire for anything.

You can make it happen, since nature works out ways to help you achieve that. Another common thing leading to the sudden outbreak of pimples is subjecting your skin to the wrong type of facials. Young and oily skin when massaged with too much creams, the pores get blocked and this leads to the collection of seborrhoeic secretions leading to the sudden onset of acne . So selecting the proper type of facials in which no excessive cream massages are involved is very important. Basic fruit facials would be ideal for people with oily skin. Another important point to be kept in mind is regarding the makeup. Most of the stay on make ups ie the make ups which remain for very long time are oil based. They also can block pores and give rise to sudden onset of pimples. So it is ideal to choose water based make ups which don’t block pores.

Keeping these in mind and using products meant for oily skin including proper face washes and gel sunscreens assist you a long way in preventing the sudden eruption of acne. Even after all the proper care, if you develop acne don’t delay in visiting your cosmetic dermatologist who can assist you a long way in the management of this with the help of creams, tablets and procedural treatments including chemical peels and laser treatments , helping you to regain your confidence and make you glow on your great day. So relax, sleep well, drink plenty of water, and eat good nutritious food, use proper face washes and other products suiting your skin. Remembering all these enjoy your journey to the aisle. Pre wedding time happens to be one of the most beautiful parts of a marriage. Enjoy it fully.