About Us


About Us

Living a life of quality rather than quantity is what we aim to be.

At Beau Aesthetica we believe in not just imparting the treatments, but delivering the rightful treatments in the rightly required proportions, tailor-making them according to each patient and carrying them out with the utmost care and skill. We specialise not only in the best injectable treatments but also the most advanced laser and chemical peel treatments. We have ourown unique range of skin rejuvenation treatments consisting of various skin booster and hydration techniques. Our neuromodulator injection treatments, filler injections and threadlift treatments are uniquely customised to meet your very own personal aesthetic goals and needs. Our laser treatments not only help you deal with unwanted hair, pigmentation problems and tattoos but also removal of scars, moles and birthmarks. We have our own unique range of chemical peels which are of various combinations helping to tackle acne to various pigmentatry problems.


Dr. Meera James MBBS MD

Cosmetic Dermatologist & Founder of Beau Aesthetica

Dr Meera James is a well-known name when it comes to cosmetic dermatology, having more than 20 years of experience as a dermatologist. After acquiring MBBS AND MD in dermatology, she pursued special training in cosmetic dermatology. With profound experience and expertise, she has pioneered in the use of the most modern cosmetic dermatology treatments and techniques. She is a doctor with trusted knowledge and experience who believes in delivering exceptional service, to effectively make over her patients making them look youthful, happy, and confident. She is an active member of various prestigious dermatology associations including IADVL, ACSI, CDSI and is the scientific secretary of SODC. She is also very passionate about teaching young dermatologists and plastic dermatology the rightful techniques of cosmetic dermatology, thus passing the baton of knowledge to the youngsters.

We Ensure You Will Always Get The Best Result

We enjoy seeing beautiful smiles and being the reason behind the smile is our greatest achievement. Creating positive change in the world is our vision, and we have taken our first step by replacing our bags with newspaper bags, and we aim to make bigger steps in the future, encouraging you to join us. Welcome to the family and allow us to guide you through this journey to become a beautiful being. As an organization, we aim to provide treatment customized for you as each individual is unique, in our doctor's words ‘A star shaped person should never be forced into the square mold”. Not to create artificial beauty but only to enhance what is already within you is our purpose.


Our Great Team


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After completing her MBBS & MD, she has undergone specialized training in cosmetic dermatology

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