Treatment Detail

FAQs - Chemical peels I Lasers I Micro needling I Fillers

Chemical peels , Lasers , Micro needling , Fillers

Are they painful?

The procedures are done after application of topical anaesthetic creams, and the procedures usually take only about 15-20 minutes. Most patients are very comfortable doing these procedures after topical anaesthetic creams.

Will it remove scar completely?

Our treatment can make a scar less apparent and less noticeable, but once you get a scar, no procedure can get rid of the scar 100%. The treatments help to

reorganize the scar tissue, helping to replace with less-noticeable scar.

How long will it take to heal?

For peels, recovery time is minimal; most people can get right back to work after the treatment session. For the micro needling treatments and laser treatments, post-operative care is advised for a week and treated areas may remain pink for 7-10 days with minimal swelling.