Treatment Detail

Acne Scar Removal - Chemical Peel Treatment

Acne, the popular, pustules and nodules can be treated with systemic and topical agents and the incidence of sequalae like pigmentation and scars can be considerably reduced. But many time patients turn up for treatment only after the sequalae have set in. Of these scars are the most difficult to treat. Scars can be treated only with modalities which induce collagen remodeling. Let's take a look at how each of the different modalities of treatment works on the scars.

Chemical peels

Chemicals work really good in getting rid of the pigmentation produced by acne but their effect on deep scars is limited. Peels can bring about some improvements in mild and superficial scars.

Chemical peel helps to remove a predictable, uniform thickness of damaged skin, and this subsequently allows normal wound healing and skin rejuvenation helping to minimize complications, such as scarring and unwanted pigmentary changes. At Beau aesthetica we use Cocktails of peels which are tailor made by our experts to take care of the very specific individual problems and concerns of the skin.