Treatment Detail

Dermaroller Treatment

The innovative technique of doing Dermaroller treatment with specially equipped machine and special formulations in Beau Aesthetica ensures a considerable reduction in the extent of your scar and stretch marks making them less visible and bothersome, leaving a smoother and firmer skin.

It is done for treating Acne Scars, Wrinkles & Pigmentation. This process induces collagen production which is responsible for more strength and elasticity and fills up the depth of pits and thereby reducing the scars. The DERMAROLLER has special medical graded stainless steel needles that perforate the scar tissue easily. The scars become softer , less elevated and in most cases give natural appearance.

How long will the entire treatment take?
The DERMAROLLER treatment can take 20 minutes to an hour depending on the areas to be treated.
How often should the DERMAROLLER treatment be performed ?
The formation of new collagen fibres and a new tissue needs time.Ideally 4-5 treatments are required with a time gap of 4-6 weeks between each treatment to see good results .

Advantages of Dermaroller Treatment
• Short healing period within days
• Minimum risk and no side effects
• Cost effective
• Short treatment time with no aftercare and no downtime
• Added bonus of Facial Rejuvenation
• No sun sensitivity after the treatment
• All skin types can be treated

Does this DERMAROLLER treatment have any side effects ?
No. DERMAROLLER treatment has been performed world wide for past many years and so far no side effects are reported.
Immediately after the treatment the face appears to be red like a sunburn which will subside in few hours to days . With the special Dermaroller treatments in Beau Aesthetica , we ensure a smoother and fresher looking skin for you .