Treatment Detail

Laser Treatments

1. CO2 LASER Treatments are used for the removal of unwanted small growth on the skin like skin tags, seborrhoeic keratoses, warts, and even projecting moles.

2. Q switched – Medlite LASER Treatment – this is the gold standard LASER treatment for pigmentation and dark marks including age spots. Various types of birthmarks, moles, and tattoos of different colours can be effectively removed with this LASER treatment. It is also a very effective treatment for rejuvenating skin helping to get rid of the lines and wrinkles and uneven skin tones and dullness making the skin look more refreshed and glowing. Even a single treatment with the LASER produce appreciable change in the texture and tone of skin and is used for rejuvenation of not only facial skin but also any part of body including hands and feet. Even fine hair gets removed with this LASER treatment.

3. LASER Hair removal – The complete range of LASERS used for hair removal in Indian skin is available in Beau Aesthetica helping in effective removal of unwanted hair over different body parts including face, back, hands and legs, underarms, and even bikini area. White hairs are a problem since they are difficult to be removed with LASERS as LASERS bring about the effect by acting on the melanin of the hair root destroying the hair follicle. Since white hair lacks this, they can not be effectively removed using LASER machine.

At Beau Aesthetica we offer an effective solution for this by using Applisonix which is a world class technology where ultrasonic waves are passed through the hair follicles bringing about their effective destruction resulting in the removal of white hairs and some persistent hairs which don’t effectively respond to LASER treatments. So be it black hair, dark hair, fine hair or white hair or coarse hair, we have the entire range of hair removal techniques to tackle your worry leaving a smooth skin without any marks or pigmentations, just taking away the excess unwanted hair.