Treatment Detail

Radiofrequency – antiageing treatment – Radiolage Treatment

Radiofrequency & Ultrasonic cavitation is the treatment for skin firming, slimming, removal of excess fat below skin and tightening.

At Beau Aesthetica, the thermoregulated technique using Radiowaves and ultrasonic waves with specialized machines help in fat mobilization and firming, helping and tightening. This also facilitate new collagen synthesis leading to tightening and slimming, improving body contour and shape.

Cellulites, though not part of ageing process, is another demon that makes us look older, even at an younger age. Fat cells are trapped by fibers over time forming a network. As a result, waste materials accumulate, slowly thickening and becoming hard and immovable. This results in cellulites, or “orange peel effect.” Common downsides of cellulite in a person are the person starting to feel heaviness or thickness in the legs or tenderness when pressed or massaged. Radio frequency can be used to treat cellulite, especially on thighs and buttocks.

It can also be used to treat loose and sagging skin on any part of our body.The thin and loose skin often found on the neck and upper arms are frequently treated with radio frequency. It is also excellent for firming skin on the abdomen, thighs, chest, and breasts. More and more people start to prefer radio frequency treatment for getting a nonsurgical face-lift. The procedure gives effective tightening of the facial skin removing the signs of ageing. A person undergoing radio frequency treatment needs to take a few maintenance treatments for lasting effects.

Although cellulite can occur in both men and women, it is rare in men. In radiology treatment skin gets heated non-evasively by radio waves, leading to far beneath the skin getting heated as well as new college being regenerated. In turn, the fat tissue underneath the skin is heated and the collagen in the area under treatment is regenerated. Eventually the skin looks younger and more vital. In body shaping, radio frequency reduces the fat and tightens the skin on the abdomen, thighs, and the hip.

At Beau Aesthetica Radiolage treatment is done effectively stimulating new collagen synthesis improving body contours and shape.