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Black Peel for acne treatment

Black Peel for acne treatment

Black Peel for acne treatment is the new innovative acne treatment which tackles pimples without leaving any marks or scars which are even resistant to all other treatments.

Acne/pimples resistant to different modalities of available treatments is a huge headache for the patients as well as doctors. With the introduction of Black Peel a bright ray of hope has started shining in the dark sky of resistant acne.

The main ingredients of Black Peel are Black acetic acid also known as black vinegar, potassium iodide, jasmonic acid & salicylic acid and biosulfur.

Black acetic acid or black vinegar is obtained by the fermentation of black rice. It is also rich in organic minerals and materials and has a high concentration of essential amino acids.

Different studies have found it to have anti oxidant, anti hypertensive and anti cancer properties. Applied over the skin it has disinfectant and bactericidal (killing bacteria) properties and also inhibits tyrosinase activity (which helps to counteract darkening and development of marks).

Potassium iodide which is another major constituent of Black Peel has antibacterial and antifungal activity and works against infection. Applied over the skin, it helps in the treatment of cysts and inflammatory lesions as it dissolves the fatty oil material contained in the cysts allowing our body to slowly reabsorb and dispose of then. Potassium iodide produces fast wound recovery.

Jasmonic acid & salicylic acid are other 2 major ingredients of black peel and they play important role in pathogen defense response. They have anti inflammatory and exfoliative properties which aids in the tackling of acne in different stages. These also assist in tackling pigmentation and skin ageing.

Biosulfur kills bacteria on skin as well as has keratolytic property leading to improvement in acne as well as seborrhea.

Thus doing a black peel which is a constituent of all these different ingredients will help to clear acne lesions, resurface skin, improves acne scars and pigmentation as well as produce improvement in enlarged pores.

The peel can be followed by use of sebo hydra mask and home care regimen of using Black Peel acne spot cream which contains all the above ingredients, but at a lower concentration. This is applied daily over the active acne, helping to make them subside without leaving any marks or scars.