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Stretch marks causes and treatment

Stretch marks causes and treatment

Stretch mark are the visible lines which appear on the skin, mainly on the abdominal area, thighs, lower back and even on the arms, as a result of sudden weight gain or pregnancy.

As the name indicates stretch marks appear from the rapid stretching of the skin beyond its elasticity. During pregnancy and sudden weight gain the elastic fibers under the surface of the skin breaks due to stretching and that result in stretch marks.

The skin’s tendency to develop stretch marks also depends on the type of skin a person has that is why some people are more prone to it than others.

People do experiment with many home remedies such as applying aloe vera, creams available in the market and go for parlour treatments to get rid of stretch marks. But there is no proof that these home remedies could successfully get rid of the stretch marks.

Though certain creams available in market claim to prevent and completely erase stretch marks, only those creams that contain vitamin E or retinol compounds can remove the marks to an extent.

To get real relief from these marks, the patient needs to undergo treatments like certain chemical peels such as meso peeling which contain silicone.

You can also opt for Q Switch ND YAG Laser treatment and fractional laser treatment. They are sometimes applied individually or along with chemical peeling or silicone meso solutions. Mesotherapy, which uses silicone meso solutions, is also good to remove stretch marks.

Creams with silicone content, which are used to get rid of spots and marks, are also used in stretch mark treatment. As silicone helps in reorganization and reepithelialization of skin collagen they are used to clear stretch marks.

But one thing to remember is that to get rid of these marks you should approach a qualified dermatologist without much delay. As time goes it will become more difficult to get rid of these marks.